Greetings from SEMDSA!  

We would like to make you aware of new and exciting opportunities for basic/applied scientists involved in SEMDSA:

  1. SEMDSA Basic/Applied Science Bursary for Msc/PhD students for 2016 – 2017/8. Please see attached for details. Note - Closing date is the 31 August 2015;
  2. SEMDSA has made R100,000 available to assist basic/applied scientists to attend the annual SEMDSA conference each year;
  3. SEMDSA Scientist Travel Award – R40,000 per year for one selected scientist to attend an international conference;
  4. Annual SEMDSA membership fees only R500/year (no increases in the past 2 years);
  5. SEMDSA Chat Forum on the SEMDSA website (similar to research gate, but specifically for SEMDSA members), which will enable:
    • All researchers to specify their areas of expertise and interest
    • Exchange of ideas
      • To reduce duplication and encourage synergy and collaboration
      • Identify gaps in the literature
      • Develop collaborative links within and between research groups AND disciplines – ie. clinicians and basic/applied scientists
    • Exchange expertise and research tools:
      • Techniques : Basic  - applied – clinical
      • Equipment 
      • Tools e.g. questionnaires
      • Reagents 
      • Animals
      • Clinical procedures e.g. clamp techniques

Please refer to our website for further details on SEMDSA and to join our exciting organization! 

Please also follow us on Twitter to keep in touch with other exciting SEMDSA activities. 

Kind regards

Julia Goedecke

on behalf of SEMDSA Exec (Basic/Applied Scientist representative)



January 2015

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