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The main objectives of the Association of Clinical Endocrinologists of South Africa (ACE-SA) are: i) To promote affordable, sustainable and high quality Endocrinology services for all South Africans
ii) To promote and protect the welfare of its members
iii) To create within South Africa, an environment that attracts doctors to become endocrinologists, and to subsequently practice their profession in this country
iv) To promote the presence and influence of Endocrinologists within The South African Medical Association (SAMA), Department of Health (DOH), Council of Medical Schemes (CMS), Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF), Centres for Diabetes and Endocrinology (CDE), Diabetes South Africa (DSA) and SEMDSA
v) To provide support to academic and training institutions
vi) To promote co-operation with other associations involved in Endocrinology, Metabolic Diseases and Diabetes
vii) To monitor, evaluate and advise on policies related to the delivery of clinical services and the protection of patients' rights with respect to Endocrinology.
viii) To ensure optimal ethical and clinical standards from its members, and provide a guidance and advice to its members, when necessary, by a process of peer review
ix) Promote awareness and education in the management of endocrine related conditions amongst all health professional groups, related disciplines and the public especially those with diabetes
x) Promote research in Endocrinology

The ACE-SA Committee consists of 3 members from the Private Health Sector and 3 members from the Public Health Sector and elections are held every 2 years.

The Medical Schemes Act and Regulations


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